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The Roleplay Helper

The Discord Bot built to enhance GTA V Console Roleplay

About The Bot

The Roleplay Helper is a bot that was designed for Grand Theft Auto V Console Roleplayers. The bot uses FiveM like commands to make the console Roleplay experience more realistic, professional and fun! The Roleplay Helper was made and designed by a group of people who have spent many years doing GTA V FiveM and Console Roleplay, it is this experience that makes the bot so good for roleplay. 

The Features


The Roleplay Helper is consistently improving and updating to bring the users the best experience when using the bot. we also use our users feedback and ideas to improve the bot. 

24/7 Uptime

The Roleplay Helper is committed to providing the best possible uptime, that's why we ensure the bot is online almost 24/7.


Our Support team at The Roleplay Helper is committed to providing the best and quickest possible support. 

Total Privacy

At The Roleplay Helper we ensure that any data stored even just a Role ID is kept as secure as possible, and we ensure all data is backed up. 

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